Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tool 11

I am excited to say that today I completed my 11 tools!!!! It was a long process but I must say that I did learn some helpful things that I can use in my classroom. The only frustrating things that I encountered along the way was actually embedding things into this blog. I felt comfortable with all the things I had learned but had trouble sharing most of them on the blog. I am excited to use technology in my new 6th grade math class.

1. Some of my favorite tools are Animoto, wordle, edmodo and poll everywhere. I have used animoto, wordle and edmodo for the past 2 years but I am excited to try them out in the middle school setting. I would like to use animoto as a lesson set for new concepts. I would like to use wordle for an end of unit assessment/activity. I would like to use edmodo as a homework helper discussion board for the students to use at home when they need help. Being a new math teacher I think I could get comfortable using poll everywhere on a weekly bases and by the end of the year have the students creating most of the questions. I am excited about using all of these in my classroom this year.

2. I have always been a big fan of technology because when students are engaged and using different learning styles success is taking place. When students have all this information at their finger tips they are going to be able to explore in a way that is comfortable for them and which in turn they will comprehend and remember what they have learned better. I am starting to see my classroom as a digital classroom where students are engaged and learned constantly. I expect their to be noise and excitement as students discover the wonderful world of technology and mathematics. Of course with technology there needs to be firm limits that are set and the students must be held accountable for them. Technology is a tool and a privilege and my students are going to understand that from the beginning. I am not really sure what changes need to be made to my classroom to accommodate the 21st century learner because I am changing to a middle school math position. So a lot of changes are already happening. I know that I have the tools to help my students become life long learners and be successful on a daily bases. I am looking forward to the challenges head.

3. I was surprised at how many ideas I was familiar with before this adventure began. However, it was nice the way it was setup and how immediate the feedback was. It was also nice to learn some more ways to use these technology tools to better my classroom and the different needs of my students. I was truly surprised at how difficult it was to post some of the information into my blog. Most of the items were fun, exciting and engaging to create but I became frustrated when try to post into my blog. This was truly a learning experience and I know I have some awesome ideas to implement into my classroom. Let the journey begin!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tool 10

1. Discuss at least three things you would want to make sure your students understand about being good digital citizens.

a. Once something is put online it is always there! Even if you delete it others have already seen it and could have saved it. Posting online is permanent.

b. Cyber-bullying is still bullying! Just because you are not talking face to face with someone doesn't mean you can't hurt their feelings or be rude. Words are very hurtful.

c. Don't share personal information! Sadly there are a lot of bad people out there. Don't allow yourself to get in trouble by talking with strangers or sharing too much information online.

2. Share at least one of the resources mentioned above or on the Ed Tech website that you plan to use instructionally.

Brainpop and Brainpop Junior are great tools to teach about Internet Safety and cyberbullying. I plan on using that to teach my students. Of course I can also use my librarian as an extra tool.

3. Explain briefly how you would "teach" the idea of Digital Citizenship to your students.

I would like to teach the idea of Digital Citizenship using some sort of role play/tribes activities. Where students show the right and wrong way to use technology. When students see the negative effects of Internet Safety and other Digital Citizenship ideas it really makes an impact and hopefully will continue to make the right decisions.

4. Explain briefly how you plan to share the idea of digital citizenship with your parents.

Collaboration with parents is key to success. I will address digital citizenship in my back to school letter as well as share some visuals and examples at back to school night where parents will have a hands on experience with what their children are learning and using daily in my classroom.

Tool 9

1.Why do you think it is important to tie the technology to the objective?

I think it is very important to incorporate technology with all objectives because it provides a visual/hands on experience for each concept. When students are engaged they are constantly learning and it will be easy for them to remember when they have something tangible or visual to refer to. Technology using so many different learner styles that all students needs can be met. With math it is nice to have a video or song to help remember different concepts!

2. Why should we hold students accountable for the stations/centers?

Students need to be held accountable for everything they do so that you know they are giving 100%. When you hold students accountable you are also able to see what concepts they understand and what concepts they still struggle with. You can easily pull small groups to review/reteach/enrich based on what they have created on their own. Holding students accountable also gives them ownership of their own work. However, there are always those off task friends that need the gentle but firm reminders :)

3. Visit 2 of the applicable links to interactive websites for your content/grade level. Which sites did you like. How could you use them as stations? How can you hold the students accountable for their time in these stations?

-Learning Games for Kids was a fun interactive website with games based on objective and different concepts. I liked the way it was broken down to find what you need. Students would be able to work at their own pace and address their own needs. There were different games with a lot of visuals. they seemed engaging and hands on. This would be a good station to review already taught concepts. To hold my students accountable in stations I would like to create monitor charts to keep up with the students progress.

-Manipula Math was an awesome website that really had some great animation and visuals to help the students grasp different concepts. I see it more as a tool to help with problem solving. It provided a neat mini lesson for each concept. If used in a workstation students would need to provide a reflection about how the manipulatives were helpful and how to use them properly. Visual and manipulatives are truly helpful with difficult math concepts.

4. List two to three apps you found for the iPod Touch/iPad that you can use in your classroom. What do you see that station looking like? How can you hold the students accountable for their
time in these stations?

-Freddy Fraction- helps with fractions decimals and percents. Which I have heard is a hard concept for most middle schoolers. I liked the visuals and cute alien. Again I would like to have a monitor chart to keep track.

-Math Drill Lite- allows them to learn and practice at their own pace. good for reviewing and mini quizzes. Again I would like to have a monitor chart to keep track.

5. What about other ways to use the iPod Touch/iPad? Share another way you can see your students using the device as a station.

You can use this as free choice or reward when on task behavior is recognized. Students could also use these to respond or reflect when they have completed their assignments. I would also like to keep these as privileges so the students know the important of them.

Tool 8

I love technology in the classroom but and first and foremost it is important to set your rules and procedures early!!! Let the students know this is a privilege that can easily be taken away if it is abused. One thing I have used in the past and plan on using this year is brainpop to teach digital citizenship. There are endless technology videos about Internet safety and blogging to name a few. It is a great way to introduce but also share the dangers of technology. Something that I saw at MMS that I am really excited about is the Internet cafe where they can use different technology tools while in the library. I am not really sure what technology the middle schools will get for their classroom but I know whatever they get I will look forward to using in my classroom. I am somewhat familiar with ipads because I have an iphone4 of my own. I plan on using the ipads to review multiplication and division facts quickly. I also plan on using ipads in small group for the students to work on different math concepts at their own pace. Ipads will make differentiation easy because I will be able to meet the needs of all different learners using different apps. I look forward to finding educational and interesting apps for my students to learn and grow as mathematicians. With the netbooks having a camera I will be able to use it when skyping with my 8th grade friend. I would also like to use it to make problem solving videos where the students must act out the problems.

Tool 7

I have used Skype once or twice with my roommate to talk to our friends that no longer live Houston with us. It is a great way to stay connected with each other and keep update. Many friends of mine Skype with relatives and friends when traveling abroad. I think it would be really informative and interesting to Skype with another middle school math class. I have a friend that teaches 8th grade math and we would like to have our students Skype with one another using the Ipads and Netbook. We could Skype to quiz one another using multiplication facts and move on to fractions and decimals as the year goes on. I think with good modeling and support the students will be able to master the world of Skype with ease and excitement.

Tool 6

Oh 11 tools, How I have missed you. .. A lot has happen since my last time working on this blog and as of now I will be teaching 6th grade math next year. So I am going to start transiting towards middle school in my ideas and thought process for the rest of this blog.

1. Luckily I have had a Edmodo account for the past two years and I have enjoyed using it with my students. We have used it to talk about plants and animals during the school year. This summer it has been extra nice to keep in touch with my students. For middle school I think it will be nice to use Edmodo has a homework helper. Not only could students help answer others questions but I could also help when needed. I know how important technology is for keeping students engaged. We could also use it from problem solving or group work.
Below is hopefully, the link to my already created Edmodo account!!

2. Another account that I think would be interesting for middle school students is Poll Everywhere. It seems like a great tool to use to gather information that can be graphed and discussed in small group or large group settings. I would like to use Poll Everywhere for problem solving and as quick review. I think I created a sample question but not to sure about how it works. I will need to experiment further with this once I learn more about the middle school content :)! Hopefully, the link works.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tool 5

I finally feel comfortable about a tool. Both of these things I have done before but with the other tools I find it very difficult to actually post into my blog. Here's to hoping that I will get both of them uploaded correctly :) I think these are great tools that could be used as sets to grab the students attention as well as a great end of unit assessment that the students could create on their own or in small group. Hope the students enjoy these as much as me :)

Below is hopefully a Animoto about Lewis and Clark....wish me luck!!!

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

Now I am going to hopefully create a Wordle about the Scientific Method...Another bump in my long road to success. I had to create on a mac then save as a PDF to upload onto this :(

Tool 5 is done and so am I for today :)

Tool 4

I think that Google Apps is a great tool that will help eliminate the use of paper. My teammates and I already have a Google Doc created for our class schedule for next year and have been able to use and share it with others. I have used Gmail for years so I am already comfortable with the format which has been a nice relief after the day I have had. I think my students could use Google Apps to keep up with extra credit type assignments, flashcards and spelling activities. I think as a team we can use it to look at data to better prepare our students for success. However, I know that the "cloud" is always there but it scares me a little what if there is a thunderstorm one day when I am using Google Apps. I think the students will most like using Google Docs to monitor their success and Picasa to find pictures to use.

Tool 3

I love using videos and songs in my daily teaching. It is so nice to have something visual for the students to see or a song for the students to remember. The sight I use the most is discovery education and teacher tube. There are so many great resources at the touch of a hand. One video I would like to share is a song about plants needs. I have spent 45 minutes trying to upload a video using 2 different search engines and 3 different websites. Each time has been unsuccessful and I am becoming very frustrated. I use videos everyday in my classroom and never have trouble getting them into my flipchart, onto my desktop or projected on the big screen. Therefore I am going to hotlink them to my blog because I am unable to embed them. The two videos that will hopefully be on this blog are about plants. Plant Need Song and Plant Life Cycle. Hopefully these works. I learned that it is very important to follow copyright and fair use laws so that others are not taking credit for something you created. I always tell my students where videos came from in the classroom. Here is an image of a plant I found on Picasa:

Frustrated to the MAX!!!! I am not looking forward to the next step even though I thought I was tech savvy!

Tool 2

OMG....this was a lot harder than I thought. I am having trouble getting everything that I need to get done in a timely fashion. I have enjoyed reading everyone's blogs and learn about many new ideas out there to use in my classroom. I am apprehensive about using an online community because I am not as comfortable using this as other things. However, I do enjoy sharing ideas with others but I prefer more face to face time. I found a great blog called Mrs. Thorp's 3rd grade blog. It looks like she has some great ideas to share that I can learn from. Let the excitement begin.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tool 1

The most exciting part about creating this blog was picking my name. However, it was a little challenging to actually get started. It told me that I already had a blog account. SURPRISE!!! Creating my Voki was a lot of fun but hard to pick just one! I could still be picking one! I am looking forward to traveling on this journey with my Wolf Pack of 1 and Running into Next Year blog friends. Thanks to Surfer's Paradise for helping me complete this journey!