Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tool 3

I love using videos and songs in my daily teaching. It is so nice to have something visual for the students to see or a song for the students to remember. The sight I use the most is discovery education and teacher tube. There are so many great resources at the touch of a hand. One video I would like to share is a song about plants needs. I have spent 45 minutes trying to upload a video using 2 different search engines and 3 different websites. Each time has been unsuccessful and I am becoming very frustrated. I use videos everyday in my classroom and never have trouble getting them into my flipchart, onto my desktop or projected on the big screen. Therefore I am going to hotlink them to my blog because I am unable to embed them. The two videos that will hopefully be on this blog are about plants. Plant Need Song and Plant Life Cycle. Hopefully these works. I learned that it is very important to follow copyright and fair use laws so that others are not taking credit for something you created. I always tell my students where videos came from in the classroom. Here is an image of a plant I found on Picasa:

Frustrated to the MAX!!!! I am not looking forward to the next step even though I thought I was tech savvy!

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  1. I'm just an email away and willing to help if you still want to try. Embedding isn't hard so maybe it was just the web. Putting it off until another day is sometimes the best thing to do.