Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tool 5

I finally feel comfortable about a tool. Both of these things I have done before but with the other tools I find it very difficult to actually post into my blog. Here's to hoping that I will get both of them uploaded correctly :) I think these are great tools that could be used as sets to grab the students attention as well as a great end of unit assessment that the students could create on their own or in small group. Hope the students enjoy these as much as me :)

Below is hopefully a Animoto about Lewis and Clark....wish me luck!!!

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

Now I am going to hopefully create a Wordle about the Scientific Method...Another bump in my long road to success. I had to create on a mac then save as a PDF to upload onto this :(

Tool 5 is done and so am I for today :)

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  1. I was able to create mine on my computer, but did also have to save it as a pdf in order to embed it. Thankfully, Arlene was able to walk me through it. I hope that I can remember or retrace the steps I went through if I ever want to put something like this in a blog again! I think we will be consulting with each other a lot this next year! :)