Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tool 6

Oh 11 tools, How I have missed you. .. A lot has happen since my last time working on this blog and as of now I will be teaching 6th grade math next year. So I am going to start transiting towards middle school in my ideas and thought process for the rest of this blog.

1. Luckily I have had a Edmodo account for the past two years and I have enjoyed using it with my students. We have used it to talk about plants and animals during the school year. This summer it has been extra nice to keep in touch with my students. For middle school I think it will be nice to use Edmodo has a homework helper. Not only could students help answer others questions but I could also help when needed. I know how important technology is for keeping students engaged. We could also use it from problem solving or group work.
Below is hopefully, the link to my already created Edmodo account!!

2. Another account that I think would be interesting for middle school students is Poll Everywhere. It seems like a great tool to use to gather information that can be graphed and discussed in small group or large group settings. I would like to use Poll Everywhere for problem solving and as quick review. I think I created a sample question but not to sure about how it works. I will need to experiment further with this once I learn more about the middle school content :)! Hopefully, the link works.

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  1. Great ideas for using Edmodo. I have not set up an account, but hope to this year. I welcome any of your awesome ideas! Miss you! =(

    As you can see, I am just starting this blog process...being a late hire and all.