Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tool 10

1. Discuss at least three things you would want to make sure your students understand about being good digital citizens.

a. Once something is put online it is always there! Even if you delete it others have already seen it and could have saved it. Posting online is permanent.

b. Cyber-bullying is still bullying! Just because you are not talking face to face with someone doesn't mean you can't hurt their feelings or be rude. Words are very hurtful.

c. Don't share personal information! Sadly there are a lot of bad people out there. Don't allow yourself to get in trouble by talking with strangers or sharing too much information online.

2. Share at least one of the resources mentioned above or on the Ed Tech website that you plan to use instructionally.

Brainpop and Brainpop Junior are great tools to teach about Internet Safety and cyberbullying. I plan on using that to teach my students. Of course I can also use my librarian as an extra tool.

3. Explain briefly how you would "teach" the idea of Digital Citizenship to your students.

I would like to teach the idea of Digital Citizenship using some sort of role play/tribes activities. Where students show the right and wrong way to use technology. When students see the negative effects of Internet Safety and other Digital Citizenship ideas it really makes an impact and hopefully will continue to make the right decisions.

4. Explain briefly how you plan to share the idea of digital citizenship with your parents.

Collaboration with parents is key to success. I will address digital citizenship in my back to school letter as well as share some visuals and examples at back to school night where parents will have a hands on experience with what their children are learning and using daily in my classroom.

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