Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tool 8

I love technology in the classroom but and first and foremost it is important to set your rules and procedures early!!! Let the students know this is a privilege that can easily be taken away if it is abused. One thing I have used in the past and plan on using this year is brainpop to teach digital citizenship. There are endless technology videos about Internet safety and blogging to name a few. It is a great way to introduce but also share the dangers of technology. Something that I saw at MMS that I am really excited about is the Internet cafe where they can use different technology tools while in the library. I am not really sure what technology the middle schools will get for their classroom but I know whatever they get I will look forward to using in my classroom. I am somewhat familiar with ipads because I have an iphone4 of my own. I plan on using the ipads to review multiplication and division facts quickly. I also plan on using ipads in small group for the students to work on different math concepts at their own pace. Ipads will make differentiation easy because I will be able to meet the needs of all different learners using different apps. I look forward to finding educational and interesting apps for my students to learn and grow as mathematicians. With the netbooks having a camera I will be able to use it when skyping with my 8th grade friend. I would also like to use it to make problem solving videos where the students must act out the problems.

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