Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tool 11

I am excited to say that today I completed my 11 tools!!!! It was a long process but I must say that I did learn some helpful things that I can use in my classroom. The only frustrating things that I encountered along the way was actually embedding things into this blog. I felt comfortable with all the things I had learned but had trouble sharing most of them on the blog. I am excited to use technology in my new 6th grade math class.

1. Some of my favorite tools are Animoto, wordle, edmodo and poll everywhere. I have used animoto, wordle and edmodo for the past 2 years but I am excited to try them out in the middle school setting. I would like to use animoto as a lesson set for new concepts. I would like to use wordle for an end of unit assessment/activity. I would like to use edmodo as a homework helper discussion board for the students to use at home when they need help. Being a new math teacher I think I could get comfortable using poll everywhere on a weekly bases and by the end of the year have the students creating most of the questions. I am excited about using all of these in my classroom this year.

2. I have always been a big fan of technology because when students are engaged and using different learning styles success is taking place. When students have all this information at their finger tips they are going to be able to explore in a way that is comfortable for them and which in turn they will comprehend and remember what they have learned better. I am starting to see my classroom as a digital classroom where students are engaged and learned constantly. I expect their to be noise and excitement as students discover the wonderful world of technology and mathematics. Of course with technology there needs to be firm limits that are set and the students must be held accountable for them. Technology is a tool and a privilege and my students are going to understand that from the beginning. I am not really sure what changes need to be made to my classroom to accommodate the 21st century learner because I am changing to a middle school math position. So a lot of changes are already happening. I know that I have the tools to help my students become life long learners and be successful on a daily bases. I am looking forward to the challenges head.

3. I was surprised at how many ideas I was familiar with before this adventure began. However, it was nice the way it was setup and how immediate the feedback was. It was also nice to learn some more ways to use these technology tools to better my classroom and the different needs of my students. I was truly surprised at how difficult it was to post some of the information into my blog. Most of the items were fun, exciting and engaging to create but I became frustrated when try to post into my blog. This was truly a learning experience and I know I have some awesome ideas to implement into my classroom. Let the journey begin!